You don’t step into it, it steps into you.

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We are so obsessed with removing fear, to be free of fear, but the fear has its source on something that we don’t even understand. We spend hours meditating, reading self-help books but the answers don’t lie there, the answers lie in our ability to be able to question what we all have accepted as a given answer.

The easy way out of struggle

The easiest way out of struggle is to forget it. Binge on Netflix, culture, fastfood, jealousy, pride, empathy, love, hate, friendships and everything else that you can find right outside your doorstep. Everything that comes naturally to you, your emotions, your passions, your stories. It could be a bottom of a bottle, or at the top of mountain, but keep going and never look either way, just at that thing which helps you forget.

The middle road is to build a narrative in your head which works for you, which makes you happy just playing it back to yourself in your head. Then go about finding a way to make that narrative true. If you are Conner McGregor then its holding a belt on both shoulders, if you are Gandhi then its freedom from oppression. But you focus on that narrative, and you would give anything to direct and complete that narrative. You can get anything you want, fill it up with dreams of big houses, big cars, a woman, a man, whatever. Fill it up with award speeches, book deals, movie productions, free endorsements, anything.

The Hardest Way out of Struggle

The hardest, not because its hard to do, but its make everything else hard to do, is to remove all the imperfections, artificiality, from what you see. When you live in your narrative, you live in distractions. Lose the narrative, then you lose yourself. You don’t enter into that space of insecurity — its not something that you can do. The space enters you. It enters when you hit rock bottom, when you have a near death experience, when you see the shades of grey in the black, when you see the artistry of life, of you. The easiest thing to do in the world is to see things for its ‘face value’ and seeing the surface helps you forget whats underneath, because its what you can’t see that have the ability to defragment you.

The worst thing you can do is to stay within your comfort zone of your consciousness. The comfort zone of existence that seem to tell you what is real and what isn’t. The comfort zone of stories which we follow blindly, narratives which we build and never question. The comfort zone of politics and nationalism. The comfort zone of the past and the future. The comfort zone of philosophy and intellectual onanism.

To be truly free of fear, you need to understand, you. When you see that you are a collection of memories, illusions, then the way you relate to the world changes.

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